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Have you ever had one hour that changed your life?

Café L'Arté the musical was performed at the 2023 Edinburgh Fringe. We had a sell out show and got some amazing reviews.


Café L’Arté is a brand new immersive musical set in real time in a real coffee shop. For 5 years Emily has run the shop on her own since losing the love of her life to the Afghanistan conflict. She has had to shelve plans they shared of starting a theatre company. One day a customer walks in and asks if he can add his business card to the notice board. Emily is amused by his job description of ‘Psychic Songwriter’. After initially dismissing such nonsense she finds, in the next hour, that her life has been changed for the better forever.

Below is our 2023 cast

Emily - Elisa Scarito
Emily had plans to sell her coffee shop and follow her dream by making a living out of songwriting and singing. Only problem is that she doesn't believe in her talent. Tom, her partner gave her belief in herself bad sadly he lost his life while on a military tour in Afghanistan.

Personality: Emily is a kind and caring person. Though clever lacks the confidence to take a risk for fear of failure.

Robby - Emily Darling
Robby is Emily’s Employee. She's worked at Café L'Arté for a long while, a devoted and great employee and yet Emily feels that she doesn't know the real Robby.

Personality: Consciencious to a fault, Robby is a little scatty, clumbsy, often late but otherwise always dependable and kind.

Joseph Cross - Joe Creaser
The mysterious man who turns up at Emily's coffee shop declaring that he's a Psychic Songwriter & Healer.

Personality: Very clever in an unusual way. However, he is, at least in part, fabricating this personality to achieve a result.

Debbie - Jamila Clare
Debbie has had a very stressful day at work and is coming to meet her boyfriend ahead of their holiday which she can't wait for.

Personality: Emily is a no nonsense person. Caring and supporting but doesn't suffer fools glady. Her outer personality is one of confidence and strength but underneath she's very emotional.

Julia - Eden Gates
Julia is a victim of domestic abuse. She left her previous very safe but unexciting relationship for an unpreditcable but exciting one.

Personality: Previously confident and a bit of a thrill seeker but recent events have changed her from the former bubbly self to the subdued fearful person she has now become.

Karl - Charlie White
Julia’s boyfriend. Lot's of charm, edge but more weaknesses and excesses than we can mention.

Personality: A charmer but self obsessed. Fluctuates from bad boy to loving charmer on an ongoing basis.

Role requirements: Strong rapping and acting.

Playing age: 18 - 25.

Laura (The daughter) - Saffron Hunter
Laura is worried about what her dad has to say to her. She is very arty and so different to the rest of the family. In fact, in her experience, she's so different to most people.

Personality: Laura's always suffered from being quite different to her peers and yet she solidiers on being true to herself. She doesn't want to compromise her authentic self.

Davina - Eden Gates
Davina has had a traumatic day. She was shown up in front of work colleagues by an inconsiderate boss which has triggered her inferiority complex. She doesn't feel like talking, nor does she want to listen to advice. All she wants is a reassuring hug to make her feel loved.

Personality: She's a wonderful warm hearted person but too a fault. For the most part putting other's needs before hers she's easy prey for the controlling friend type, bully's or non empathic people in authority.Songs: Don't Say Another Word (Lead)

The Writer - Lucas Greenwood
The Writer tends to get inspired by writing in coffee shops but for the last few weeks has been suffering severe writers block.

Personality: Perfectionist who truly suffers for his art. Very talented but his self critisim, though it pushes him to greater heights, really doesn't do his mental health any good.

Alfie - Erin Clarke
Alfie has arranged a meeting with his girlfriend. They are due to go on holiday however he increasingly realises that it's not working. He still can't get over his previous girlfriend who dumped him for another and he feels it's not fair to his current girlfriend.

Personality: Very conscientious and just wants to settle down to a simple existence with a woman and family that he can devote himself too.

The Dad - Francesco Scarito
Takes his daughter into Café L'Arté for a coffee and a chat about planning her future. He's concerned that her idea of career is a bit fluffy

Personality: He's done well in business. Strong, reliable and a very rational thinker.

Jeanette - Jamila Clare
Jeanette is the founder of a bereavement charity. She's done a lot of wonderful work that's helped so many but has experienced a number of errors recently that has cost the charity.

Personality: Jeanette's purpose in life is to help others but suffers from imposter syndrome so her confidence is knocked very easily.

Antonio - Charlie White
Antonio is Davina's friend. He & Davina are two opposing side of the same coin. Both driven by insecurities but while she is timid he is loud and a pure chatterbox. On this day Antonio has had a day that has massaged his ego unlike, as he's about to find out, Davina's.

Personality: As mentioned above Antonio is insecure and it comes out as a chatterbox. He doesn't cope well with silences when he's with people so is compelled to fill in the gaps.

Tony - Lucas Greenwood
Charity Co Founder

Personality: He's Top guy who helps people both with the charity but in life in general too. Very little, if any, ego.

Song sample

Below is the song 'I believe in you' from the musical presented as a music video

Click on the youtube play button and then in the little box in the bottom right to see it in full screen

Reviews 2023

It was a truly fabulous performance. Totally blown away by the talent and voices.

Theresa Batey

I don't usually like musicals, but I liked this one. The songs are fantastic (just listen to the trailer), the story has a nice twist at the end, and the songs and experiences portrayed touch on something deeply human. Thank you for transporting me.


Edens portrayal of an abuse victim was so real that some members of the audience actually gasped at times. Some were moved to tears and a couple actually said they wanted to intervene and had to remind themselves they were watching a performance. Every single performer tonight shone, the acting was believable, the singing voices of all the cast were beautiful.

Jacky Whiles

I thought this show was wonderful. The story was very affecting and the songs were written very well. It was very impressive that some of the cast played a few different roles and while those characters were very different we still knew who everyone was.

Jack Walker

Amazing performance by all! Emotive and powerful. Loved watching this - not a dull moment. The lead, Elisa, was just wonderful and talented and a star. Great job.

Tallulah Rose Megenis-Clarke

Saw the show at Edinburgh Fringe, at venue 39, The Space on the Mile (Radisson). The show and performers were fabulous! Definitely recommend it!!!.



Reviews 2017

Café L'Arté Song List

1 What’s it to you Daughter with cast backing

2 Stronger Now Debbie with cast backing

3 The Writer The Writer

4 Robby’s song Robby

5 Don’t say another word Davina with cast backing

6 The Journey Jeannette, Robby, Tony & with cast backing

7 In Your Eyes Karl and Julia with cast backing

8 I Turn to You Julia with cast backing

9 I Believe in You Emily with cast backing

10 Until today Emily



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