Get ahead of the rest by developing your original vocal talent now

• Mentoring in musical performance

• Frequent high quality recording in the recording studio

• Ocassional professional quality rehearsal video

• Taking part in the occasional live public showcase

• Playing to live accompaniment

• Student portfolio posted up on our Artist Development site (with parental/guardian permission)

• Once an appropriate level has been reached we will offer the option of taking a recording to professional quality for publishing to Spotify and other platforms and also of producing a professional music video. Please see some examples at the following link:
Music Videos by Francesco Scarito

£12 per hour in classes of at least 3 students at a time.

The classes can run for 1, or 1.5 hours

My name is Francesco Scarito and I've been mentoring young performers since 2004. I am not a singing teacher but I consider myself a story telling teacher via the performing arts. So you may righfully ask what qualifies me to teach in the field.

Long before I started teaching I was the songwriter for a band called Shai that got a fair bit of attention back in the late 80s to the point of being approached by the Ivor Novello winning producer Mike Myers who also had many number one's in his portfolio and wanted to produce us on hearing one of my songs 'Mon Amour'.

I am passionate about and involved in many creative endeavours but songwriting holds my greatest passion. 

Though my musical ability is self taught I have found that the impact on the students have been very positive and has contributed to shaping them, some going on to appear on the west end, win singing competitions and two are currently lead vocalists on cruises. However, there's another unforseen benefit. Some of those students haven't gone on to pursue a career in the performing arts but have benefited from increased confidence and skills such as, working in a team, public speaking, presentation. 

In the time I've been teaching I have also written and produced many original films and stage productions including taking a show to the Edinburgh Fringe last year to many positive reviews.

The lessons will be on a weekday evening. No day has been set yet, it will depend on a day and time that works for the respective students who apply to be part of this exciting project.

We believe that there’s no better time to develop as a unique singer/performer than when you’re young, yet there’s little opportunity to either be developed or to perform publicly in this way at that age. The premise behind Crescendo Performing Arts' 'Artist Development’ resolves this issue. In fact, we have been resolving it since 2004, working with young people from age 9 upwards.

What we do is get the young student to learn & perform original high quality songs so that rather than, for example, trying to emulate established artists like Adele they evolve their own unique musical personality. 

When we feel they’re ready, we get the students to perform publicly. Although we focus on music, we have seen first hand how our work raises self worth, confidence & self esteem. Music has that amazing power! Combine that with the feeling of belonging to a team that is working together to a common, creative & very enjoyable goal, & the sky's the limit.

The lessons will run from my home creative studio. This is a dedicated multi purpose studio space which, in amongst other things, is a recording studio, rehearsal studio 

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