Webber school Film club

Don't say another word



Lyla - Sabina


Jake - Ayrton

Miss Karen - Jem, Alex, Mede

Scarlett - Sabina, Ajay, Jem, Alex

Ava - Jem, Sam, 

Jeff - Frank, Jenny, Ajay

Raffle callerAlex



Monday 3 July 2023

Filmed scenes1 and 2

Monday 10 July 2023

We are filming scenes three and five

Scenes four and six will have to be filmed outside of schoo

Scene 1 - The friends

Two friends are walking to school. We see them talking and laughing to background music. Then, when they get to school we hear them talk.


Adios amigo. 


See you later alligator

Scene 2 - The bullies

We find Lyla with her school year friends. They are improvising chat when we see a teacher come along

Miss Karen

Hey girls. oh Lyla, by the way I've been meaning to say, your performance at the school concert last week was absolutely inspirational. Well done.

After miss Karen walks away


Must have been better than last years, I remember you messing up. Bit of a car crash.


Well actually it was the pianist who messed up...

But the frenenies are so busy laughing that they don't hear Lyla. Lyla just desides to go along with them and starts laughing. We freeze frame and hear Lyla addressing us the audience.


They always do this to me, they hate it when I get praised. It makes me feel so sad and I don't know if I want to be friends with them anymore. The fact that I'm passionate about singing is a good thing isn't it?

So why do they use this to make me feel small?

I always think of what I should have said hours after, but when they do it again, I'm too scared to say anything so I just laugh along making out that I find it funny too.

I don't.

We then unfreeze the scene and Lyla makes out she's laughing but we may see her turn to the camera and look sad


Scarlett are we still going to that star wars themed raffle at lunchtime




Oh good cause I really want that first prize.


Is that the cuddly Yoda


Yeah. I so want it


Well good luck


Scene 3 - The raffle

The friends are all waiting for the winner to be called out.


I really want this this, I really want this

Raffle caller/Miss Karen

and the winner is...

...Ticket number 392


It's me, I got it.

All the friends cheer and go and hug Scarlett. Lyla does too but she's very disappointed. 
She comes back with Yoda.
We see everyone go. 
Lyla looking very sad. Scarlett leaves last and we see Scarlett throw Yoda in the bin and say.


What a pathetic object. Only babies would want this. So as long as that baby Lyla doesn't get it.


Scene 4 - The coffee shop chat

Lyla arrives at the coffee shop. She meets her 'out of school' friend Nina. Nina spots that there's something wrong.


Lyla. What's the matter.


Nothing I'm fine


No you're not. Don't try and hide it from me Lyla it's written all over your face. You don't have to tell me if you don't want, that's fine. Just don't lie to me.


You know me so well Nina. Something happened today.



Scene 5 - The chase

Jake happens to be leaving school when he see's Yoda's Ear portruding out of the bin. As he leaves the school Scarlett sees them and says"-


Hey, where did you get that from.


What's it to you?


You got that out of the bin didn't you?


Why does it matter, it was in the bin. It's mine now.


Give it back

Scarlett starts chasing. Jake runs, but suddenly Miss Karen appears.

Miss Karen

Errrrr, no running in the school. Is there a problem

Scarlett & Jake

No miss, we're just messing. Everything's fine

Miss Karen

Just make sure it is

As soon as Miss Karen is gone the chase resumes. They end up outside but Jake does an amazing Parkour trick and loses Scarlett. He's now free of Scarlett and heads for  Lyla as he knows she'll be in a coffee shop.



Scene 6 - The coffee shop

Jake walks in really excited. See's Lyla and goes straight over and starts speaking


Oh you won't believe it Lyla. I've just been chased by that nutter Scarlett. You should have seen the parkour I did to lose her. I started with a cat grab, I followed with a wall pop, and I ended with my very own manoever that I call a triple back flapperjack. You should have seen it Lyla it was amaz...


I can't believe you Jake. You're so full of yourself that you haven't event realised that Lyla's upset.

Jake stops and looks at Lyla


I'm so sorry Lyla. There's me going on and on about me and like a total idiot I didn't realise. What's up?

Tell me...

Lyla replies with a song. She sings, don't say another word. We hear the song and at the end Lyla says.


Wow I didn't realise how bad a day you had


Sorry Jake it's just that today has for me been really Rubbish

This jogs Jake's memory and suddenly a broad smile comes over his face


So you think it's funny


Oh thank you very much Jake. I would have thought you'd understand, instead you found it funny


No, Lyla, it's just what you said reminded me. The reason I was chased by Scarlett is that...

...I found something in the rubbish earlier.
and I think it should belong to you


But I haven't lost anything


No you haven't lost it but I found it.

and gives it to her Yoda


Don't Say Another word

Verse 1
Today somebody hurt my pride, I had to turn the other way
All of my confidence just died, It was fragile anyway
Please wrap your arms around me, Show me that you still love me
I need to feel this from you
Please don’t say another word to me, No need to speak your thoughts to me
Stop right now, and hold me tight
Verse 2
and let your actions scream out loud, there’s no place I’d rather be
to be with you makes me so proud, I want to lose myself in you
Please wrap your arms around me, Show me that you still love me
I need to feel this from you
Please don’t say another word to me, No need to speak your thoughts to me
Stop right now, and hold me tight
Pre Break
Hold me so tight & never let go, Hold me so tight & never let go
When you’re down,
Head spinning round,
We will be there for you
To turn it round,
we will help you to see,
It’s not just you
It’s something we’ve all been through,
It’s nothing new,
But it hurts all the same
Someone’s to blame,
& now it is part of you,
Let it go

But we won’t say a word,
Just let them heal,
the words that were said to me,
read to me,
thrown to me,
screamed to me,
hurting me,
breaking me,
tearing me up inside
Don’t you know that you’re never gonna be the same
Shouldn’t do, the things that you have done to me
But the pain will have torn away this very heart
Take control, adopt the more important role
Do not fear the judgement in this cruel domain
Step on back, and think about what you’ve been through
I know that you are never going to be the same
Please wrap your arms around me, Show me that you still love me
I need to feel this from you
Please don’t say another word to me, No need to speak your thoughts to me
Stop right now, and hold me tight


The Two friends


Frenemy's two friends.


Raffle caller.

Your life is in your hands sung by Jenny

Webber - Life is in your hands