That's enough for me, Lexi Monologue

We see Lexi slam the door behind her as she shouts


Thats enough. I've had enough

She sits down at a desk that has school exam papers, etc, and a tablet with social media.


You know they always do that to me. Critisism after critisism.

I'm just trying to be the best person that I can be, I'm not judging them, I'm not trying to tell them how to live their lives so why do they do that to me?

School as well, pile on pressure after pressure. You're not good enough unless you do this or you do that. 

Lifts tablet


This doesn't help. Seems everyone is amazing, having great fun, looking fantastic.
How can I possibly feel happy when I'm made to feel that I need more and more. More things, more friends, more knowledge, more beauty, more intelligence, more money.

Well I'll tell you how, I have a special place. A place I escape to. Down by the river, in amongst the trees. No pressure, no you're not good enough. Just me, being me and that's enough.

She sings the song