Wednesday 4 January 2023 meeting - Discussion points
• I want to register by Monday 9th January. The day registration opens so we got best slot/dates

• I propose we do 4 shows. Possibly 5.

• Dates of shows (Festival runs 05 - 29 August 2022)

• The fee is around £190 to register. This is pretty reasonable considering all the bits you get.

• I've targeted 4 venue's as I went to see these shows at these venues and therefore know that they would be right.


      theSpace on the Mile - Space 2
      Street - Olive studio

• Fundraising (Kickstarter?) Ideas please for attracting funders and what they get if they sign up Kickstarter have strict guidelines. investers can't get a stake. Incentives are allowed. We can give them tickets. Merchandise, t-shirts, CDs, credits. Advertise on the website and literature.

• Auditions Chloe, a colleague of Lauren can sing and act  try backstage

• Musicians (Mainly Piano & Cajon Drums though possibly Cello) Lauren knows a musician, could be possible. She can speak to him. Perhaps approach Kim. Perhaps Cello or violin. Lauren is into tarot cards etc so she would be interested in contriuting. Maybe have the business card as a tarot card design.

• Rehearsals (As per 2017 we could start these at my studio) Lauren's mum has got a gym in Newport Pagnell that we could possibly rehearse in.

• Accomodation (cost wise the sooner the better) Lauren can get discount. Lauren says that  the police make a contribution. 

• Publicity materials (Identity all ready created but need to create flyer, poster etc. with new cast) disposable coffee cups with info would be ideal. maybe attach a tea bag.

• Portable props (most we still have from 2017) we need a counter, will this be a foldaway?

• No Lighting needed

• Royal Mile publicity performances/promotion We can perform a couple of the songs