The Crescendo Performing Arts 'acoustic singing' student showcase

7pm, Wednesday 14th June 2023

We'll be performing at Kilning Me Softly in Newport Pagnell
Students to arrive by 6.45pm & we encourage them to learn the lyrics to minimise the use of phones.

Crescendo Performing Arts have been working on 2 musicals over the past few months. Café L'Arté is being taken to the Edingburgh Fringe in August and Student is being made into a film. We have also been running artist development classes.

This showcase is an opportunity for the students to perform those songs, that they have learned so well, in front of a public audience.

Song List
(This may be subject to change)


So Alive - Crescendo Students

Crushed - Charlie & Cast

Your eyes say it all - Rommi and cast

It's not the same - Tana & cast

In Retrospect- Ella, Erin and Cast

Fallen - Lexi & backing

Don't Hate Me - Mia & Cast

Mine - Ella

What's it to you - Saffy

Don't say another word- Eden

On my own - Talia

Your Life is in your Hands - Emily & Elisa

In your Eyes - Charlie & Sian or Elisa

I Turn to You - Sian or Elisa

Robby's Song - Emily

That's enough for me - Lexi & backing

You're not alone - Rommi & guest

Pathetic - Ella & cast

I Believe in You - Elisa

Reach Out - All students

The Showcase