Hi All


I'm just letting everyone know of a new module that Crescendo Performing Arts will soon be offering.

As some of you may already know, between the hours of 9.30 to 10.30 on the Saturday we currently run an artist development class. These include a select number of students that have, over time, been invited to be part of the session. However, due to the number of students in that class and lack of time, that hour isn't enough to develop solo performances and is therefore allocated as developing group performances only. For this reason we have decided to offer midweek sessions to work on solo performances and therefore to mentor the students to perform predominantly original material ready for public performance. 

These will be held in my multi purpose studio at my home, which is, in amongst other things, a recording studio. We will therefore be recording a number of performances to high quality and if appropriate post these up as part of the students portfolio. We'll also, from time to time, film these to professional standard to add to the portfolio.

When we feel a student is ready we will work on high quality recordings with a view to publish up on Spotify and other platforms. 

Places are very limited as, currently, there can only be two classes a week. The classes will be for a maximum of 5 and minimum of 3 students.

I work with a number of students at a time for two reasons
A) they support each other with backing vocals and harmonies and
B) I find, working together, students inspire each other to greater heights.

At this point I'm asking for an expression of interest only as, due to the limited numbers, this may involve an auditions process. If interested, please let us know by Friday the 19th of January.

For further information about the classes click the link below to go to the website:

Artist Development Website