MATILDA JR. Character Descriptions & Scripts for auditions

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Matilda Wormwood 

The hero of the show. She’s brilliant, resilient, creative, and kind, despite growing up in difficult circumstances. Her parents treat her poorly, but Matilda escapes into a world of books, which puts her reading level far above the other children in her class, and she develops a bit of magical power in an effort to defeat Trunchbull.


A student at school with Matilda. 


A student at school with Matilda.


One of Matilda’s schoolmates. He has the bad luck to get caught after eating Trunchbull’s cake.


Alice, Hortensia, and Tommy are classmates of Matilda. 


Alice, Hortensia, and Tommy are classmates of Matilda.


Alice, Hortensia, and Tommy are classmates of Matilda. 


One of the kids at school with Matilda. She is kind and bright (though not as brilliant as Matilda) and quickly decides that Matilda is her best friend. 


One of the kids at school with Matilda. He is enthusiastic, sweet, and always in a bit of a panic. 

Mr. Wormwood 

Matilda’s father. He is egotistical, rude, and not very bright, not to mention a liar. 

Though Mr. Wormwood is not a good person and he is mean to Matilda, his harebrained schemes can be hilariously funny. 

Mrs. Wormwood

Matilda’s mother. Like her husband, she dislikes Matilda and does not understand why her daughter loves to read. Mrs. Wormwood is selfish, obsessed with her own appearance, and believes everything she sees on TV. Her dancing lessons with Rudolpho are the most important part of her day. 


Matilda’s brother. He is not very bright, though he is the apple of his father’s eye. 

Mrs. Phelps

The kindly librarian who loves hearing Matilda’s stories. 


A character of Matilda’s creation. Everything this character does is grand and exaggerated – he’s performing for the cheap seats!


A product of Matilda’s imagination. 

Miss Honey 

A teacher at Matilda’s school. She is kind, is generous, and really cares about the children despite her own desperate circumstances. 

Agatha Trunchbull 

The quintessential terrifying tyrant. As headmistress, she runs her school like a dictator, making up arbitrary rules to suit her every whim and dreaming up creative punishments. 


Mrs. Wormwood’s self-obsessed dance teacher. 


A customer swindled by Mr. Wormwood. Though he shows up looking for payback, Matilda has had quite enough of revenge, and Sergei lets the Wormwoods escape. 


Ensemble roles include Russians, Little Kids, Big Kids (including Big Kid 1, Big Kid 2, and Big Kid 3), Kids, Mums, Dads, the Cook, and the Mechanic. 

Miss Honey and Matilda script
Bruce and Trunchball
Mr and Mrs Wormwood
Miss Honey